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About Us

Colin Fleay

Located just out of Toodyay in the picturesque Avon Valley, Colin Fleay is a third generation apiarist, having lived in Toodyay most of his life. He has been producing his own honey for 30 years. Colin has his partner Ruth and all 4 children  currently working along side him in the apiary.

Bee Happy® runs a retail outlet in Toodyay called UNIQUELY TOODYAY, located at 115 Stirling Terrace, (located in the historic old post office) where there is a great range of the honeys and pollen for sale. The shop also supports many other local producers and artisans from the valley and surrounding districts. Open 7 days a week 10am – 4pm.

Bee Happy® Apiaries run a total of 400 commercial hives and 210 nucleus hives. These are moved around the state of WA following the floral seasons, from 300km north of Perth on the coastal plains, through the Avon Valley and down to the Jarrahdale forests, Boddington, Nannup and east to Coolgardie.

Bee Happy Apiaries

Bee Happy® honey is extracted using minimal heat and processing. Wax is separated using a cold wax press and the unfilterd honey is then settled before being packed into our Bee Happy® containers.

When the season changes and the flower supply is exhausted, the bees are moved on to a new location. Colin & Ruth  wait until all the bees have returned to the hives that night, then load all the hives onto the truck and drive them to their new location. The bees wake in the morning in their new bushland setting and begin collecting from the surrounding flowers to create their next batch of delicious honey.

Average Yearly Cycle

Bee Happy® bees begin the winter months amongst the coastal sandplain at the back of the Pinnacles in Badjingarra National Park, near Cervantes.

They migrate towards Lancelin in spring to follow the wildflower honey flow, then head down to Jarrahdale and Boddington for collection from native flowering Jarrah eucalyptus trees up until January.

In January and February they move back up the Darling scarp in search of Redgum flowers, and move east in March and April towards Calingiri, north of Toodyay, where they collect pollen from the Whitegum, Wandoo and Powderbark eucalyptus flowers.

Bee Happy® Products

Our range of 100% natural quality products includes our delicious honey which is available in various sizes and flavour, pollen, and our beautiful 100% beeswax .

. You can buy Bee Happy® products from a number of suppliers based in Toodyay, Northam and Perth, or order online.

Bee Happy Bees

Relax, bee happy & enjoy your visit!

Contact Us

Colin Fleay & Ruth Hamlyn

Open 7 days 10am-4pm
115 Stirling Terrace
Ph: 08 9574 5385

Mailing Address:
PO Box 155
Toodyay WA 6566

Ph: (08) 9574 2857

Organic Certification for pollen, honey and beeswax with NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia Limited).
Licence No. 6145


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